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The meeting between an exceptional rider and an experienced herbalist.

Our initial idea was to develop a range of products for racehorses, to develop complementary feeds to help the horse from gestation to competition. To do this we created innovative formulas based on plant maceration and essential oils to obtain highly effective complementary feeds that can substitute, in some cases, injections such as infiltrations.


We then worked on the taste so that horses would enjoy eating our solutions added to the feed. Our complementary feeds have been tested and marketed in the biggest Gallop and Trot stables, and have been acclaimed by the greatest trainers. After almost 10 years of activity they still trust us and use our solutions on a daily basis.


Based on this success, we thought about how to offer our products to the wider world of sports. We met with our ambassador Kevin Staut and his team and offered our products for them to test for several weeks, working together to adapt our racing products to the world of sports.


In spite of excellent partners in this field, Kevin Staut was not really a fan of feed supplements and had chosen to limit these to very natural produces. But in view of the results obtained by our products, he was won over by their definite effectiveness and the completely natural side of the range.


We are extremely proud that Kevin Staut has chosen to join us to co-found KARE SOLUTION and be our ambassador.  Our brand offers a range of feed supplements totally adapted to the problems of sport horses and proposes tailored solutions to the different types of competition disciplines.


I let you discover the range of complementary feeds on the store page of the site and remain at your disposal for any request for information.


See you soon,


Stéphane PITAVY

President of Kare Solution

+33 6 14 81 26 48

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